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What Qualifies as an Occupational Disease?

For purposes of collecting workers compensation, your work-related illness must qualify as an occupational disease. The crux of a workers compensation case often involves proving the work-related nature of a disease and that it falls within the parameters of applicable statutes. A Cincinnati workers comp disease lawyer has the necessary skills to help you prove your claim and collect deserved compensation.

Workers compensation is a state level matter, and the Ohio Bar explains that the Workers Compensation Act defines occupational disease as a disease contracted during the course of employment where the nature of the job put the employee at an increased risk of disease. It is a different type of exposure than a member of the general public has toward disease. The Ohio Revised Code provides an extensive list of diseases that the state considers compensable occupational diseases ― illnesses from numerous types of poisoning, infections, inflammation, cancers and repetitive motion injuries. Other diseases not listed in the statute may also be subject to benefits recovery. The fact is that many professions expose workers to occupational diseases. For example, fire fighters and police officers often face exposure to smoke, heat, toxic gases and chemical fumes or substances that, when inhaled, can lead to serious diseases. Manufacturing processes may subject workers to different types of poisoning, such as lead, mercury, benzoyl, gasoline or arsenic poisoning.

Due to the frequency of denied or delayed workers comp claims, you may need legal help to receive benefits entitled by law. A Cincinnati injury law firm can evaluate your circumstances and help you obtain benefits.

The Law Firm of Weisser & Wolf offers a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

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