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Wage Loss

Cincinnati Workers Comp and Wage Loss

Benefits for diminished wages resulting from workplace injuries

Not everyone injured on the job is able to return to work. If you have suffered a serious and permanent disability that has forced you to accept a lower-paying job, you may be eligible to collect benefits for the difference in pay between your former and current positions. The law firm of Weisser & Wolf has fought for workers’ rights for more than two decades. We assist you in obtaining just workers compensation benefits, including payments for diminished wages so you can maintain the same standard of living as before you were injured.

Experienced lawyers dedicated to Ohio workers’ rights

With more than 70 years of combined experience, our Cincinnati workers compensation lawyers are skilled at analyzing your options and obtaining maximum payments for workplace injuries. Ohio State Bar Association certified specialists in workers compensation lead our team of dedicated attorneys. We aggressively seek equitable workers compensation settlements that factor in diminished earning capacity.

Calculating the difference in pay

Wage loss benefits allow you to resume work that accommodates your physical disabilities. To qualify for the wage loss program, you are required to prove that you are unable to perform your former duties because of medical restrictions. We guide you through the process until the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation approves your application and grants you the assistance you need to support your job transition. There are many advantages to obtaining wage loss benefits:

  • Ohio law provides wage loss benefits for up to 200 weeks
  • The amount of wage loss is equal to two-thirds of the difference between your current and previous pay
  • Wage loss income is tax free
  • People seeking employment for a light duty job may be eligible for 26 weeks of nonworking wage loss compensation

Contact Cincinnati workers compensation attorneys who help you recover your lost wages

The Cincinnati law firm of Weisser & Wolf represents clients throughout northern Kentucky and Ohio, including Hamilton, Butler, Clermont and Warren counties.

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