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Commercial Truck Accidents

Cincinnati Truck Accident Attorney

Damages for catastrophic injuries caused by tractor-trailer collisions in Ohio and northern Kentucky

In an increasingly interconnected economy, the need to transport goods across thousands of miles means more tractor-trailers driven by exhausted drivers traveling greater distances and, as a result, increased opportunities for catastrophic truck accidents. A wreck involving an 18-wheeler usually causes serious injuries or death.

The law firm of Weisser & Wolf has helped victims of negligent trucking companies and drivers recover compensation for more than 20 years. Our assertive Cincinnati truck accident lawyers possess more than 70 years’ combined experience litigating personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Liability of trucking companies and long-haul drivers

Likely multiple parties contributed to the truck collision and should be held responsible for your injuries. We thoroughly investigate your case to determine who is culpable, such as the:

  • Long-haul driver
  • Companies that own tractor and trailer
  • Companies that lease the tractor and trailer
  • Manufacturers of motor vehicles and parts
  • Mechanics who improperly repaired your car or the truck
  • Truck’s cargo shipping company
  • Construction crews that obstructed the roadway
  • Municipalities that failed to maintain safe roadways
  • Government departments that neglected to clean road debris

Sophisticated legal counsel that matches companies’ risk management divisions

Companies often maintain powerful risk management divisions that immediately converge on the scene to minimize liability and construct a defense strategy before you have even filed your claim. Our investigative team matches a corporation’s resources and diligence. We promptly photograph the accident, measure skid marks, interview witnesses and review police reports. If the crash resulted from mechanical failure or a car’s poor design compounded the extent of your injuries, we pursue a products liability claim in addition to your auto accident law suit.

Involved in a Cincinnati truck accident? Contact us.

The personal injury attorneys in Cincinnati at Weisser & Wolf represents clients throughout northern Kentucky and Ohio, including Hamilton, Butler, Clermont and Warren counties.

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