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What Do Product Recalls Have to Do with Products Liability Cases?

Various government agencies recall defective products to protect consumers. While they provide an overall service that stops further production or removes hazardous products from the market, they do not provide harmed individuals with recourse. To recover compensation for damages, you have to sue for damages. Cincinnati products liability attorneys with experience suing companies that manufacture defective products can help you take legal action.

Product recalls may serve as evidence of defects in a products liability case. They can also alert you to dangerous products so you can avoid accidents. For example, the National Highway Safety Administration (NTSA) recalls unsafe vehicles. Also, NHTSA recently released a report that warned consumers and auto repair shops about the harm caused by counterfeit air bags. NHTSA testing revealed these airbags had flaws such as non-deployment and metal shrapnel expulsion during deployment. Risks exist only for people whose vehicles were in a crash during the past three years and repair involved replacement airbags. Unlike most products liability cases, the manufacturers also violated other laws, using insignia and branding of established manufacturers in making their counterfeits.

Whatever the accident or injury, by consulting an attorney you can find out about your prospects for filing product liability claims in Ohio and Kentucky. Such claims help you deal with the financial burden resulting from injury, as well as alert others about the danger and hold liable parties accountable.

The Law Firm of Weisser & Wolf has extensive experience handling products liability lawsuits and offers a free initial consultation to discuss your injury and prospects for recovery.

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