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What Laws Apply to Dog Bite Injuries in Ohio?

Dog bite victims in Ohio have a strong legal standing to bring dog bite cases against owners or parties who have the dog in their care. Cincinnati dog bite injuries lawyers can use a number of laws to pursue a dog bite lawsuit.

In addition to Ohio negligence law and various case laws, Ohio Revised Codes § 955.28 establishes strict liability for dog bites. Anyone who owns or is responsible for keeping a dog is liable if the dog bites ― whether it is the first time or a repeated biter. Exceptions under this statute where the individual does not bear liability include the following:

  • When victims trespass
  • When victims attempt to commit a crime while on the person’s property
  • When victims tease, abuse or provoke a dog

Owners and dog keepers who suffer dog bite injuries also cannot pursue compensation under this Ohio statute. However, there may still be grounds to bring a lawsuit under negligence or other case laws. Under negligence law, your lawyer must prove that the owner or keeper owed a duty of care and the breach of this duty resulted in harm. Proving negligence requires showing that a dog had the tendency to bite and the owner or keeper was aware of it but failed to contain the dog.

Cincinnati dog bite lawyers can be versatile and use whichever legal approach is most effective for your particular case.

At The Law Firm of Weisser & Wolf, our attorneys are well-versed in Ohio dog bite laws and bring decades of experience to each case we handle, along with our commitment to win.

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