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What Types of Wage Loss Benefits Can You Receive in an Ohio Workers Comp Case?

The financial loss caused by a work-related injury can be stressful for you and your family. However, under Ohio law, you often can recover Cincinnati workers comp and wage loss benefits.

Under the Ohio Revised Code section on Wage Loss Compensation, two different types of wage loss benefits are possible:

  • Working wage loss. When, as a result of your injury, your doctor places restrictions on the type of job you can perform, you may suffer a reduction in wages. By documenting the wage loss and submitting doctor’s records that show work restrictions, you can become eligible for working wage loss benefits. The documentation must show that the physical or psychiatric restrictions imposed by the doctor on work directly resulted from the work-related injury, whether an accident injury or an occupational disease.
  • Non-working wage loss. A non-working wage loss results when after sustaining a work injury and then trying to return to the workforce, the worker cannot find suitable employment. Again, the diminished capacity must result directly from the physical and/or psychiatric impairment caused by the work injury.

Cincinnati workers compensation attorneys can evaluate your circumstances and help you present detailed information to obtain a wage loss claim approval.

The Law Firm of Weisser & Wolf brings more than 70 years of combined legal experience to each client we assist. Our attorneys are very knowledgeable about workers compensation issues and the best approaches for maximizing benefits payments.

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