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Why is Negotiation Important for Your Workers Comp Settlement?

Generally, people realize that negotiation skills play a part in the success of any business deal. The same is true for a workers compensation settlement. Unless you are well-versed in Ohio workers compensation laws and have experience dealing with claims, it is likely you lack the knowledge to discern whether a settlement offer is in your best interests. Having a seasoned attorney at your side for Ohio workers compensation settlements can make a significant difference in the outcome.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) conducts negotiations between injured workers and employers. In cases where both parties have representation, their lawyers are also involved in the negotiations and negotiate the settlement on their clients’ behalf. An agreed-upon settlement lays to rest all matters of compensation and liability. The BWC allows 30 days after a settlement to review the agreement and ensure the settlement is fair for workers and employers. Once the 30 days has passed, no further negotiation is possible and workers can no longer make claims for additional compensation for that work injury.

There are other reasons it is advisable to obtain an Ohio workers compensation law firm to help with your claim. Lump sum settlements may be subject to having money set aside for Medicare reimbursement. A seasoned lawyer can explain the intricacies involved with a lump sum and compare it with the advantages of continued claim payments.

The Law Firm of Weisser & Wolf works with clients to ensure they receive the maximum workers comp benefits possible.

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